Why Blueline?

"A teacher and a motivator. Andrew gave me the confidence and ability to make small life changing choices"

"Through his work with the summer group of players, my son now eats better than ever. No surprise that his hockey play has never been better and more consistent"

"As I rounded the corner into middle age, I wanted to make the most of it rather than fight it. Working with Andrew to determine the best eating and training choices has been a life saver"

"Even if I would have told my son the exact same things, the way he communicates and the way my son has changed his habits - I can't thank you enough!"

"Life Changing. Seriously the best thing I have ever done as an adult"

"I have never stuck with anything related to fitness. I have tried it all - every new club, program, trend, shake, cleanse, running sprints, running long, walking, lifting, paleo, low-card, slow-carb, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, you name I've tried it. This works for me. Two years in and I am in the best physical shape of my life. My doctor loves it!"

"I dropped more weight than I will ever admit. Amazing."